“The Dragon’s Treasure” poster released

“The Dragon’s Treasure” poster released
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Ashkan rahgozar’s “The Dragon’s Treasure” poster released.

The first English poster of “The Dragon’s Treasure”, an animated feature directed by Ashkan Rahgozar, is released.

This is Ashkan Rahgozar’s second animated feature. The animation tells a story in which the heroes embark on a magical journey to find a great treasure. it is now under development and is going to be cooperated with Mystic House, a Canadian company.

Arman Rahgozar is co-producing this animation along with Alireza Kabiri, representative of Mystic House.

Ashkan Rahgozar and Aida Noshali also co-wrote the screenplay for “The Dragon’s Treasure”.

Pre-production of this animation has started in early 2020 and will continue for another six months. The animated feature “The Dragon’s Treasure” is expected to be ready for 2023.

“The Dragon’s Treasure” is the second animated feature produced after “The Last Fiction” in Hoorakhsh Studios.