Comics and graphic novels

Comics and graphic novels

Audiences’ interest in graphic novels and comic books has led us to produce illustrated books with fascinating art and stories. Knowing more about depth and potential of epics and fairytales and believe in our talented creative artists, we always had motivation to illustrate graphic novels. So, for the first step we started to publish graphic novel series named “The Last Fiction” which is a side project of animated feature; “The Last Fiction”. After successful production of these works, Hoorakhsh Studios has been able to reach International markets and we are proud that our graphic novels are being read and distributed around the world.


The first Chapter of our comic series, 7.13, has also been published in Hamshahri Danestaniha Magazine in 2019 and the second chapter is going to be published soon. 7.13 tells the story of Mehrdad Moein who lost his wife & child during a massive bombing, and he realized it was from an anonymous gang after 10 years. He is the only survivor of the 7.13 gene and the only one who could space travel with a device in his hand without any physical problems. Now Mehrdad is cooperating with a very high-tech company with top secret cyber knowledge to chase down this terrorist anonymous gang.

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