‘The Last Fiction’ Soundtrack Album Released

‘The Last Fiction’ Soundtrack Album Released
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‘The Last Fiction’ Soundtrack album, composed by Christophe Rezai, is released internationally by a Swedish company and it is available on Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify music services.

Vocalist Shahram Nazeri sang the closing credits song in ‘The Last Fiction’.  

Singers Mostafa Mahmudi, Haleh Seifizadeh and Majid Eslami, as well as dotar player Morteza Gudarzi and guitarist Kaveh Yaghmai, collaborated in this project.

Marc Blanes Matas, a top international expert on sound recording, mixing, mastering and music production also collaborated in this project.

MovieScore Media was founded by former journalist Mikael Carlsson in November 2005. The company has released over 300 score albums and received one Grammy Award nomination and multiple nominations for the “Soundtrack Label of the Year” awarded by the International Film Music Critics Association.