The Tehran Cartoon Sessions II held at Darbast Platform

The Tehran Cartoon Sessions II held at Darbast Platform
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‘Tehran Cartoon Sessions II’ offered three case studies of Iranian-produced animation projects from Barfakstudio, Gonbad Caboud studio and Hoorakhsh Studios which were selected and discussed for six hours. Filmmakers shared their experiences and challenges during the making process of animations with the audiences.

The “Tehran Cartoon Sessions II” has been held in Darbast Platform in cooperation with Hoorakhsh Studios. The focus of these sessions were on presentation of Iranian animations qualified in Annecy2018, and was welcomed by fans and guests. These sessions started with the speech of Maryam Kashkoolinia, the head of Iran ACIFA and a jury member of Annecy 2017. Ashkan Rahgozar, the executive director and co-founder of Hoorakhsh Studios, accompanied by Kashkoolinia hosted the program.

In this session, she introduced The Annecy International Animation Film Festival and shared her experiences.

The next session was allocated to display and discuss the short animation “Run Rostam Run” produced by Barfak Studio. Molayemi, the director of this animation said that at the start of the producing process they had no studio so he was forced to lead the Pre-Production alone.

In the third session “Roobi and Chickens” was displayed and the cast and artists of this animation started to discuss their animated series. They declared that their plan is to produce an animation series called “Roobi and Chickens”, the first part of which was displayed in the first session of “Tehran Cartoon Sessions”.

The Cast of “The Last Fiction” in the last session of the “Tehran cartoon sessions” reviewed the process of producing this animated movie during the past 9 years then four teasers of “The Last Fiction” which were made during all these years were displayed.

At the end of the event some photos and videos from making “The Last Fiction” process were shown and discussed.

The “Tehran Cartoon Sessions” is held once a year in partnership with Hoorakhsh Studios and Darbast Platform.