Recruitment Announcement

If you are eager to work in the largest and most awarded 2D animation production studio in Iran, and in case your striking characteristics include creativity and innovation, participation and teamwork, and the necessary professional discipline and responsibility, we hereby cordially invite you to select one of the following job opportunities that are aligned with your individual and professional abilities. Join us in the development and growth of Iranian and world animation. Some of the benefits of being with Hoorakhsh are:

  • Transparent and fair compensation;
  • Performance-based reward payment;
  • Equal promotion and advancement opportunities based on merit and performance;
  • Using mentors and coaches for personal and professional development;
  • Holding specialized and general training courses;
  • Supplementary insurance;
  • Participation in organizational celebrations and various domestic and foreign art events; and,
  • The possibility of working long-distance for specific jobs.

Internship Announcement

If you have skills in drawing but have not yet gained experience in animation production or do not have relevant work experience, Hoorakhsh has also provided you with the opportunity to complete your skills and test your abilities through a professional internship in various parts of animation production. To benefit from this opportunity, all you need to do is select one of the following courses and send your related work samples in order for us to invite you to participate in the internship course. Thus, your distance from joining the Hoorakhsh family includes the two steps of acceptance in the entrance exam as well as acing the final exam, which will be held after completing the course.

Ways of cooperation